Here's a little about the history of our pub.

inside2The origins of The Fox & Castle have been lost in the mists of time. No one can say with certainty the purpose of the original building.

One suggestion is that it served as accommodation for masons working on the parish church; this would date the pub at around 500 years old. Historians have uncovered that at different times there was a bakery on the site, it has also served as the village butcher and even a fish and chip shop.

What we do know is that The Fox & Castle has been serving the local community on this site since the 1700's. There are pictures of the pub on the wall that show it's evolution since that time.

Today The Fox & Castle offers a modern setting in a traditional pub enviroment. We keep a good selection of real ales as well as an excellent wine list.

There's also a constantly changing menu, with freshly cooked, and wherever possible, locally sourced produce.